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5 Reasons the 2016 BET Awards Performances Were Lit

BET Awards 2016


5 Reasons the 2016 BET Awards Performances Were Lit

BET Awards 2016 can easily be considered one of the best BET Awards yet. It was an unapologetic celebration of blackness and black entertainment at its’ finest. With all the amazing performances this year, I think we can all agree on one thing, this BET Awards was super lit.

    1. Beyonce’ and Kendrick Lamar are the TRUTH!

Beyonce’ and Kendrick Lamar opened the show like no one else could have. They set the tone for the night with their empowering performance of “Freedom”. They set our souls on fire, bringing out the activist in all of us. They are truly showing us what it means to use your platform and influence to incite change and unite people.

    1. Sheila E’s Prince Tribute was EVERYTHING!

This was an EPIC night for tribute performances and everyone did an excellent job showing Prince the love and respect he deserved. However, Sheila E’s performance was lit on a whole other level. She absolutely murdered the drums, and at age 58, she dances better than most people I know half her age.

    1. Everyone Should Love Themselves as much as Desiigner Loves His Music.

Nobody dances harder to a Desiigner song, than Desiigner himself. He’s the artist and the hype-man and we can all take a lesson out of his book on self love. He gave a fire performance, despite not having all the bells and whistles indicative of a more seasoned performer.

    1. Fat Joe and Remy Ma: Nuff Said.

Seeing these two performing together brings me back to 2004. I thought I was the coolest kid ever in middle school because I knew every word to Lean Back. Fat Joe and Remy Ma, along with French Montana are keeping east coast rap relevant, and not to mention, Remy Ma came all the way through in that see-through dress with all them curves. YAASSS girl!

    1. Usher is Still That Dude

This Performance made me fall in love with Usher all over again. Sometimes we forget who start this whole “r&b singer who can dance his butt off” thing, but Usher didn’t hesitate to show us he still has the juice.

This year’s BET Awards was one that will always be remembered.

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