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5 Simple Hairstyles for Your Baby Naturalista

Simple Styles for Baby Naturalistas

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5 Simple Hairstyles for Your Baby Naturalista

As I think about hopefully added a little girl to my growing family, I can’t help but wonder: What am I going to do with all her hair? (I can barely manage my thick, and curly mane) Well, it’s actually going to be a lot simpler than I thought. Here are five simple hair styles that will have your baby naturalista looking her best.

1. The Afro Puff

Baby Naturalista Styles: Afro Puffs

Photo via @afropuffingit

We’re down to the basics with this one. Simply pick out your baby’s fro and they’re good to go. Let that natural hair fly free!

2. The Mini Twist-out

Baby Naturalista Styles: Mini Twist Out

Photo via @gossiegirlz on Instagram

The only difference from a regular twist-out is that it’s done on your mini-me! Wash, detangle, deep condition and twist. Then simply untwist with some conditioner before heading out. This easy and beautiful hairstyle can be done multiple times a week, and will always come out looking great.

3. Dreadlocs

Baby Naturalista Styles: Dreadlocs

Photo via @blackkidshaircare on Instagram

Whether to loc your child’s hair or not will always be a controversial subject. I mean locs are definitely (semi)permanent, but they are also very beautiful. Not only that, they are the ultimate protective style, that will allow your baby’s hair to grow to no end, while still giving it the ability to be styled at will. (i.e., a bun, braids etc…)

4. Bantu Knots

Baby Naturalista Styles: Bantu Knots

Photo via @blackkidshaircare on Instagram

Whether you press their hair first or simply detangle and then twist the knots, Bantu knots are a wonderful way to get a head full of curls will little to no heat. This is another style that can be done multiple times a week and results in perfect curls every time.

5. Braids

Baby Naturalista Styles: Braids

Photo via @beautyvenomlv on Instagram

Braids are nothing new to us black girls and it is the perfect long-term style for our babies. Unlike dreads, braids aren’t permanent, although they do last a long time. Whether you add hair to the braids or not, braids protect your child’s precious ends, while also giving the roots a growth spurt.

These five hairstyles are all ones we know and love. They are simple and cute, and will always have your baby looking her best. And the best part of it all is that they are easy for any and every mom or dad to manage.

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